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Couples Counselling

Relationship & Couples Counselling – Hamilton, Ontario

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship?  Do you find yourselves going around in circles with the same arguments? Do you sense a growing distance between you and your partner?  Are you longing for more closeness and connection?

Couples counselling can provide a safe space for couples to address their concerns and strengthen their bond. Ronit Kaufman specializes in supporting couples through difficult times, to help you navigate the ups and downs of your relationship journey.

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, know that support is available.

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Couples Counselling Online

Ronit provides counselling for couples exclusively through secure video conferencing platforms. Whether you’re navigating challenges or seeking to strengthen your relationship, online counselling offers a safe and accessible way to address your concerns.

How Couples Counselling Can Help

With Ronit, you’ll gain insight into your relationship dynamics and learn new ways to communicate your feelings and needs. Whether you’re grappling with issues related to addiction, work-life balance, our sessions will provide you with tools to navigate these challenges.

Some issues that bring couples to counselling are:

  • Addiction or partner addiction support
  • Concerns with work, life and family balance
  • Blended families
  • Chronic illness
  • Divorce support
  • Extended family dynamics
  • Infidelity or cheating recovery
  • Mental health support
  • Pre-marital counselling

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Knowing When to Seek Couples Counselling

Signs It’s Time to Take the Next Step

Couples counselling can be a valuable resource for couples facing challenges in their relationship, but determining when to seek help isn’t always straightforward. If you find yourselves stuck in repetitive arguments, struggling to communicate effectively, or feeling disconnected from your partner, it may be time to consider couples counselling.

Additionally, if you’re experiencing trust issues, contemplating a breakup, or navigating a major life transition, seeking support from a counsellor can provide clarity, guidance, and support. Ultimately, if you feel like your relationship could benefit from professional intervention and you’re both willing to commit to the process, it’s worth exploring couples counselling as a means of strengthening your bond and fostering greater intimacy.

Counselling for New Relationships and Dating

Couples counselling can be beneficial for couples in various stages of their relationship, including those who are dating or in a new relationship. While the term “couples counselling” often implies counselling for married couples, the principles and techniques used in couples therapy can be just as effective for unmarried couples.

Pre-Marital Counselling

If you’re looking for pre-marital counselling, you’re taking an important step towards building a foundation for your future together. Pre-marital counselling provides couples with the opportunity to explore key topics, address potential challenges, and strengthen their relationship before tying the knot.

Pre-marital counselling also provides couples with a safe and supportive space to address any concerns or fears they may have about marriage. Whether you’re worried about blending families, managing finances, or maintaining individual identities within the relationship, pre-marital counselling can help you explore these issues and develop a plan for addressing them together.

Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling offers a safe and supportive environment where couples can address issues, foster communication, and reignite the spark in their marriage. Marriage counselling is not just about resolving conflicts; it’s also about working on ways to strengthen the bond between partners.

Counselling for Every Relationship Stage and Need

Whether you’re facing a specific crisis or simply want to enhance the overall quality of your relationship, couples counselling can offer invaluable support and guidance.

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Faith-Based and Christian Couples Counselling

For couples seeking counselling grounded in faith-based principles, Ronit Kaufman offers faith-based counselling including Christian couples counselling services. These sessions provide a faith-based approach to addressing relationship challenges and growth together. If you or someone you love is interested in exploring faith-based treatment, please get in touch with Ronit today. 

Have Questions? Couples Counselling FAQs

Can couples counselling help with all relationship issues?

Couples counselling can provide support for a wide range of relationship challenges. It’s an opportunity for couples to gain insight into their dynamics and explore healthier ways of relating to one another.

How long do couples counselling sessions last?

The duration of our sessions can vary depending on your needs and preferences. Some couples find benefit from shorter, focused sessions, while others may prefer longer, more in-depth discussions.

Is couples counselling covered by insurance?

Many insurance plans offer coverage for couples counselling, but it’s important to check with your provider to confirm your specific coverage details.

What is the difference between couples and individual counselling?

The primary difference between couples counselling and individual counselling lies in the focus and dynamics of the sessions.

Couples counselling involves both partners attending sessions together, with the counsellor facilitating discussions and activities aimed at addressing issues within the relationship. The focus is on improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening the bond between the couple. The counsellor works with both partners to identify patterns of interaction, explore underlying issues, and develop strategies for positive change.

On the other hand, individual counselling is conducted with only one person present—the individual seeking counselling. The focus is on addressing personal concerns, emotions, and behaviors, rather than the dynamics of a relationship. The counsellor works with the individual to explore their thoughts and feelings, gain insight into their challenges, and develop coping skills or strategies for personal growth.

If you’re looking for individual counselling contact Ronit Kaufman today.

What can you expect from your first couples counselling session?

Your first session will be an opportunity to discuss your relationship history, current challenges, and goals for counselling. It’s a chance for you to share your concerns to explore how to move forward.

How long should you go to couples counselling?

Determining the duration of couples counselling depends on various factors, including the complexity of the issues being addressed and the progress made by the couple. Couples typically have 5-10 sessions, which may extend over the course of 6-12 months. However, it’s essential to emphasize that the length of counselling is entirely flexible and tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.

The duration of counselling sessions allows you to delve into the concerns and challenges facing the relationship. It provides ample time to explore communication patterns, address conflicts, and develop effective strategies for enhancing intimacy and connection. Additionally, the extended timeframe enables you to implement and practice the skills learned during sessions in their day-to-day interactions.

Is it ever too late to seek couples counselling?

It’s never too late to seek support for your relationship. Whether you’re facing minor challenges or more significant issues, couples counselling can help to provide you with tools and strategies to navigate your relationship with greater ease and understanding.

Reach out today and explore how couples counselling can support you in helping you rediscover the closeness and connection you desire in your relationship.